The South Shropshire Hunt is always grateful to the distinguished photographers who come and follow us covering our events. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Countrystyle Photography for kindly¬†allowing us to use a lot of their photographs of the hunt on this website. We would also like to thank William Nevitt –¬†Shropshire Events Photographer who provided the Point to Point photographs for us. Finally, we’d like to thank Diana Rowson for allowing us to use some of her photographs too.

Additionally, if you have taken some photographs and would like to add them to the gallery, please do email so we can arrange the best way for you to send them to us. Do note that if we do upload photographs onto the website you are accepting that the photographs are going to be viewable on a publically available site.

Below is a gallery of a selection of Countrystyle Photographs, please visit their website by clicking here to see the full albums from their days following South Shropshire Hunt events: