Puppy Walking

Puppy walking is a vital part of the development of the South Shropshire Hounds and the Hunt is immensely grateful for all those who puppy walk. Following weaning, the puppies are sent to puppy walkers who are typically supporters and hunt followers who have farms or households within the Hunt country.

It is during this period when the hound puppies learn their name, about country life, other dogs, chickens and everything that a normal puppy learns in the first six months of their life. When the puppies reach six months of age they are returned to the kennels, although some walkers prefer to have them for longer.

Anyone can become a puppy walker, but it is not advisable if you are close to a main road or a yard with constant heavy machinery in use. IMG_2148Foxhounds are fantastic at adapting to all types of life, from Aga side to living in a stable. If you have not walked puppies then I highly recommend it,  you get all the benefits of having small loveable puppies, and as soon as they become too grown up and adventurous they can be returned to the kennels.  It is also incredibly rewarding to see your hounds out hunting the following year.IMG_0796

If you would like to volunteer as a puppy walker please contact one of the Masters or alternatively the Kennels on 01743 860255 or kennels@southshropshirehunt.com

The Puppy Show

This is held each June at the Kennels and is the show day for all the previous years puppies that have not yet been entered in to the pack.  They are shown by the hunt staff and judged for good hound conformation and keenness by two knowledgeable guest Masters from other packs.  The judging is followed by afternoon tea and the presentation of the highly sought after trophy’s that are awarded to the puppy walkers of the winning hounds.