SSH Patrons

The Patrons Club is due to be launched in 2018 . We hope this will enable the huge number of hunt friendly individuals who presently are not regularly involved to have more access to all that goes on within the hunt.  The Hunt Patrons club will be a way for supportive individuals to financially contribute to the well being of the hunt by paying a small annual subscription. There are so many people who support us by Hosting Meets, sponsoring hounds and attending events, but not necessarily contribute financially. It is no Secret that subscriptions fall a long way short of raising the funds required to run the Hunt, and that the shortfall is often made up by a few individuals and a huge amount of Fundraising.  In the past there was a culture of donations regardless of wether you follow hounds on horseback, They where annually published and there was a certain amount of pride in seeing your name beside your contribution.  This culture has slowly died out and we hope the Patrons Club will in some ways fill the void. This Club is not to be confused with the Supporters Club or any other fund raising committee, and we hope to be able to target a slightly different audience. The benefits the Patrons will receive are currently being ironed out, However we hope that simply knowing one is actively supporting a country tradition will be enough. 159CSU_0272