The widely derided and politically motivated ban on hunting was introduced in February 2005, since which time the South Shropshire Hunt has endeavoured to conform to the new law in all its activities.  Despite fervently disagreeing with the present ban, we are law-abiding people and so until such time as the law is repealed we respect the law in its totality, and we cooperate with the police in every way possible in order to minimise the impact of this law on their time.  Despite the inconsistencies in the Hunting Act, we nevertheless abide by it to the best of our ability, while continuing to carry on those “horse and hound” activities which the politicians encourage us to maintain.  Contrary to what some passers-by may think, the law does not forbid us to go out into the countryside with hounds as before, or to hunt a trail, or to train young hounds to hunt, or to offer farmers a legal fox control service.  Until the act is repealed we lay trails for the hounds but continue to remain deeply committed to safeguarding the traditions of hunting, the hounds and the people whose livelihoods depend on hunting. 330CSU_8524-Edit

The South Shropshire Hunt is a thriving organisation that attracts support from hundreds of people of all ages and from all walks of life, and despite the ban we have flourished in both support and membership in recent years.  We are united in our belief that the ban is both misguided and based on prejudice rather than evidence.  It is vital that hunting is sustained as a viable and important part of life in the countryside.