Supporters Club – OWTS

The South Shropshire Supporters Club was set up in with a view to support the South Shropshire hunt and raise funds.

By way of a brief history, it was formally founded in 1959, when Captain Corbet, the Hunt Chairman at the time, took the role of Chairman of the Supporters Club and together with Norman Davis (Secretary and Treasurer) and Mrs Towler (assistant secretary) they built a series of fundraising events which supported the Hunt financially.

It is now both a fund raising committee with members who support social events, as well as enabling people both mounted and non- mounted to mix together and socialise.  Whilst the majority of funds go towards the ever increasing costs of running a hunt significant donations are also made to local charities.

The Supporters Club would like to encourage anyone who would like to support us by subscribing.  Membership will include the regular OWTS newsletter which will keep you informed about activities and social functions going on for the season.  This will be e mailed or posted to the member.CSU_7127

The annual subscription of £15 covers the newsletter and provides insurance whilst out following hounds.