The South Shropshire Hunt goes out   on average three days a week during the season. It combines its traditional hunting setup with modern Trail Hunting activities.  Altering our activities to fit in with the hunting act, was not easy at first, but now a decade into the legislation the Hounds are now fully adapted to hunting the laid scent.

Our Trails are laid regularly throughout the days hunting, and although the hounds can hunt a trail laid more than 24 hours before, we like to hunt trails laid just a few hours earlier. This ensures we keep a good pace, and don’t spend too much time on one farm. The majority of our trail laying is done on horseback, but certain areas require them to be laid on foot, and sometimes even from off quad bike. Fox control still forms a part of the hunts service to the Landowners, and terriers are still used in accordance with the law to control foxes when requested by the landowners.  More on the law can be found on our legal page.

Although most of our followers are loyal subscribers we welcome both mounted and foot visitors to come and follow us. We hope that you will find all the information you need on the adjoining pages.