243CSU_0128The South Shropshire Hunt encourage children to come hunting and host several children’s meets during the season when there are always plenty of adults to guide the less experienced and explain the days proceedings. Children that hunt with us regularly are encouraged to take on responsibility by helping out the Masters or Hunt Staff, it is a great compliment to be chosen to carry out a duty as it proves that your ‘hunting sense’ has not gone unnoticed.  Children should also be the first to open and close gates when necessary and noticing in good time and performing the job quickly and efficiently will always endear you to the rest of the Field. Reading our page on etiquette and the glossary of terms will help you learn more about what to do out hunting.  If you would like to come hunting or bring children hunting, please contact the Hon Sec. Miss P Cornes on

The South Shropshire Hunt Branch of the Pony Club is vibrant and busy and is active throughout the year.  It offers a huge range of equestrian disciplines and the ever popular Pony Club Camp each summer.  Apart from the Children’s Meets the Hunt also joins forces with the Pony Club and holds rallies about hunting and a day at The Kennels, enabling children to have an insight into the day to day workings of both hounds and horses.  Please visit the South Shropshire Hunt Pony Club website by clicking here for more information